The Future of Radioembolization

Transform oncology embolization therapy and improve treatment options available to patients

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Liver cancer diagnosis each year in the US


Global deaths from liver cancer each year


5-year overall survival

We must do better.

Liver cancer is one of the leading causes of global cancer deaths with an abysmal 5-year survival of 15.6%. In the latest Annual Report to the Nation from the NIH, Liver cancer is one of four cancers that has shown no improvement in death rates for both men and women in the United States. In addition, in a recent JAMA Oncology publication, Liver cancer is projected to cost the global economy $1.7 trillion by 2050.

One of the most common treatments for liver cancer is radioembolization therapy. Despite decades of commercial traction and strong business fundamentals, radioembolization continues to be a palliative monotherapy with limited patient outcomes.

NED Medical is looking to change the current trajectory of liver disease and aims to provide clinicians and patients with improved treatment options.

Our Technology


CombiSphere is a Y90 radioembolization therapy made with proprietary materials that provide a unique combination of characteristics that include:

Optimized size & density

Optimized emission activity per particle


Optimized tumor coverage

Improved Dosimetry

Our Team​

Co-Founder & CEO
Richard Yazbeck
22+ years experience launching products and companies in the healthcare space
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Andrew Thoreson, MD
Interventional Radiologist with 15+ years of experience and serial entrepreneur with multiple exits
Board Member
Matt Niblack
President & CIO of HITE Hedge and successful public equity investor
Board Member
David Uffer
30+ years executive in the MedTech industry running investments and M&A
Robert Lewandowski, MD, FSIR
• Northwestern – Feinberg School of Medicine
• Interventional Radiologist
• 17+ years in clinical practice
Ripal Gandhi, MD, FSIR, FSVM
• Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Miami Cancer Institute
• Vascular & Interventional Radiologist
• 15+ years in clinical practice
Catherine Parham, MD, MBA
• B.S. in engineering from MIT and MD from Boston University
• Previous CMO and SVP of Clin Dev, R&D and Medical Affairs at Sirtex
• 20+ years of pharma and biotech industry experience
Rebecca Bader, Ph.D.
• M.S. in Chemistry from Princeton and Ph.D. in materials science from Oregon State
• 20+ years of experience in polymeric materials, drug delivery, and medical devices
Luke Higgins, MD, Ph.D.
• Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and MD from Stanford Medical School
• Former Chief of Interventional Radiology at WVU Medicine and at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital / Tufts Medicine



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